Fraudulent elections have dire consequences; as in China idiot Joe Biden’s Afghanistan debacle!

Anyone in the past who considered the Democrats to be a “kind” Party should take notice.

Afghanistan and our Southern border are undermining America’s present and future-in foreign AND domestic actions, abject FAILURES!

In “The Wall Street Journal” dtd, August 16, 2021, Mr. McMaster, a retired general who also served as White House security advisor, 2017-18, revealed that “when Mr. [idiot] Biden made the decision to withdraw, no more that 3500 troops were left in Afghanistan…[and that] not a single American soldier had been killed in combat in a year and a half.”

America has historically maintained much larger forces globally-to maintain peace with strength.

Forensic audits (including voting machines and counters) of all federal elections in all 50 states-November 3, 2021 forward-must be accomplished or damages taking place will become a permanent occurrence.

Hoist Stars and Stripes to express sheer patriotism!


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