Not only was the idiot China Joe Biden fraudulently “elected,” he listened to NONE of the countless advisors who counseled him to have an orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Per “The Wall Street Journal” dated August 18, 2021, then-Senator Biden in “…a discussion about aid to Cambodia in 1975,” he declared, “I’m getting sick and tired of hearing about morality, our moral obligations.” Also in 1975, “…he proclaimed that ‘the United States has no obligation to evacuate one, or 100,001, South Vietnamese.”

“President” Biden, in my opinion, is extremely selfish, cognitively impaired, egotistical, and incompetent. In addition, I believe he is morally, financially, and politically corrupt and also was definitely NOT elected by the American people.

Americans and deserving Afghans simply can NOT depend on this charlatan imposter, nor ALL the LYING Democrats in Congress as well as the horrendous DEEP STATE!

Let’s defy all, recognize our true American history, and all our patriots with Stars and Stripes!


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