Honesty About November 3, 2020, Through January 20, 2021

Long ago in Roman times, someone said, “Kill the lawyers.” I’m a proponent of non-violence, so that is certainly not my stance.

But the groundwork for the massive election/voter fraud, the delays that made the fraud “effective,” and the continuous efforts to obscure the truth which is continuing right now, is coming through lawyers at all levels, especially the courts-right up to and including the Supreme Court of the United States of America. It includes former Attorney General Bill Barr, again-the Supreme Court, state courts(especially in the six states cited in the Navarro Report(See my blog, “The Massive Election/Voter Fraud of 2020.”)

The perpetrators of the fraud itself are the “leaders” of the Democratic Party and all who aided and abetted them.

By failing to follow the rule of law, these officials put our nation’s belief in elected self-government at risk.

Everywhere one looks before, during, and after November 3, 2020, attorneys were deeply at fault. Certainly, it is not the whole legal profession. But my belief is that the violation of the battleground state’s own election laws in such things as mail-in ballots were driven by lawyers, judges, and Democratic “leaders.”

Our then Attorney General Bill Barr, an attorney, failed the American people. So did the United States Supreme Court. Truth was abandoned as technical means were and are available to validate or invalidate the ballots. Many Americans, including me, believe there were large numbers of invalid ballots. Why would the Democrats be so adamant in their obstructions to these forensic analyses if the ballots were valid?

I have deeply examined the November 3, 2020, election as to the deciding swing states through lawsuits, tweets, news’ reports, the Navarro Report, and other means.  As to the Presidential/Vice Presidential election, my honest opinion is summarized in my blog(again, “The Massive Election/Voter Fraud of 2020”.) This blog condenses the Navarro Report with comments by me and a link to the full report.

The fraud was not a failure of the Constitution and the election laws which followed the Constitution. It was in not following the Constitution in terms of its requirement for the state legislatures’ duty to determine the means of election, the election’s conduct, and all the human failings before, during, and after November 3, 2020.

In other words, our Constitution and rule of law served America well for over 200 years.  I consider this a human failure with lawyers involved at practically every turn. In my opinion President Trump and Vice President Pence won re-election if legal votes, and only legal votes, are accurately tallied.

The macro reasons for my conclusion are many; ranging from an enthusiastic Trump campaign as contrasted to the basement dwelling Biden as well as Trump winning 18 of 19 bellwether counties. Trump also won Florida, Ohio, and Iowa; which have never been won by a losing presidential candidate in American history. President Trump, the incumbent, increased his vote count from 2016, the mark of a win, certainly NOT a loss. Both the “micro” and some of the “macro” reasons for the Trump victory are in the Navarro Report.

This fraudulent election has, is, and will have grave consequences. The deep state is getting deeper with “President” Biden. The Southern border is not only a disgrace to America and humanity; it is flooding our sovereign nation with crimes of endless sorts. Outlandish laws are being put forth. “Education” such as the 1619 project is corrupting public schools. Our tax system, recently reformed in 2017, is slated to be totally destroyed and jobs, business, and our economy with it. The list goes on and on…

Republicans, independents, thoughtful democrats, all responsible Americans; we must innovate our way out of this-not through laws already breached-but through technical means in forensic audits of the November 3, 2020, election in the six states cited in the Navarro Report and all suspect House and Senate races.

America is at risk and at a perilous point. We must innovate in this historic election. The American people voted. Their vote must count! Americans, especially Republicans in office or members of the party, must proceed with RELENTLESS INNOVATION. We can and we must.

Display the Stars and Stripes to express your patriotism, NON-VIOLENTLY!      

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