Pat O’Briens Patio on St. Peter’s Street Well into the French Quarter in the City that I’ve Really Come to Love

The patio is buzzing and the spirits are flowing in all directions. Two nice ladies from Boston and one from New Orleans join my table along with two others. All are celebrating the Tulane Graduation today, certainly a propitious and storied event.

Of course, the whole area appears to be in a jubilant mood – and this is definitely the place for it, if not throughout the French Quarter.

As I sip water and Diet Coke, I may be alone in such a pursuit.

The air is so comfortable, maybe even cool, with the breeze, totally unlike my prior history in New Orleans.

Yes, climate-change is upon us. I hope and pray that the $6 trillion – partially to address ecological harmony – is not wasted, squandered and stolen through corruption. I spot a girl with a “Happy Birthday” ribbon, a special day in one way or another for this roaring crowd, like so many such gathering in the past.

Of course, there will be more groups, hopefully many more, in the coming dimensions of my life, as with others, especially in this unique city that we who live here and visitors cherish.

Yes, honor America, and our freedoms with the stars and stripes or some other distinctive patriotic symbol, NON-VIOLENTLY!

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