Anatolia on a Tuesday Night

I’m on Magazine Street on the riverside looking forward to a Mediterranean cuisine dinner served by a really beautiful young lady from Morocco. My location is on the sidewalk overlooking paths on both sides of the street and the street itself.

On my way I saluted each American flag which I spotted earlier, shortly before I left home, I wrote a blog concerning a non-violent America force such as used by Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr, each with a spiritual dimension. Of course, President Reagan and President Trump made gains with peace through military strength.

Both approaches worked. Why not have the capability for America to use either one, depending on the situation, objective, and all other circumstances?

One could apply the same sort of alternatives as to crime. I fully support police in their very difficult, hazardous efforts to maintain law and order. The summer riots/looting/vandalism/violence which were unrecognized at the Democratic National Convention in 2020 was shameful and embarrassing.

The defunding of police in Democratic controlled cities borders on the ludicrous and the ridiculous.

The people who live in crime-prone areas want the same or greater police protection that they had prior to this defunding movement (80% of these persons have that point of view, per analysis.)

Safety is a basic need for all of us and a just society does all it can to provide it.

Education is another vital goal in America, especially in this Innovation age with few lifetime jobs to depend on.

               Display the stars and stripes or some other patriotic symbol at this perilous time, unprecedented in American history. NON-VIOLENTLY!

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