Is the Word “Progressive” a Sham?

Think about it. How did the word “progressive” come about to describe hating America and its proud history, especially when compared to the realities of current conditions and history throughout the rest of the world?

I submit that it may very well be an integral part of a decades-long Communist Chinese Party psychological/information war secretly declared on America. It is now perpetrated by Xi+ (the dictator of Communist China and all who are directly or indirectly under his vast influence.) It has pervaded our schools, colleges, Mainstream Media, Big Tech, the Deep State, and the mob/corrupt party leaders. The 2020 elections as well as the Georgia senatorial elections, in my considered opinion, were fraudulent and in line with “progressive” agendas.

In my youth, “progress” was a good word. But now “progress” has become “cancel culture,” indoctrinating children before their very brains have matured, very poor education for those who need it most, open borders, riots, rampant crime as police are defunded and ongoing attempts to disarm Americans, tearing down statues and, worst of all, engaging in corrupting our American Republic’s elections.

It is time for all in America to soberly and lovingly seek the truth in all we perceive. In reality, we are all in this together, even those who came before as well as all in the future.

What are we here for? Don Frampton, the now semi-retired pastor of the St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church, once told me that God did not want to be alone. That may very well be correct. I do not understand God. But each day I offer a prayer to Almighty God which I believe is received by Him, my Little Piece of God, and others’ Little Piece of God, perhaps in the past, present, and future. We are ALL children of God.

The future is all we have ahead of us. Let’s all take care.

Somehow, we all need to THINK! THINK! THINK! And we have a dire need to be curious about EVERYTHING! WONDER! WONDER! WONDER! I deeply believe that the best is yet to come.

Part of the puzzle of life is trying to understand oneself. I believe if each of us is honest with ourselves and others, then over time our judgment will increase. That’s very much a vital part of seeking the truth.

To wonder about our selves and others as well as everything else is a gift from Almighty God.

Since the dawn of humankind, each of us has always been on a spiritual journey. And we will always be. Dishonesty, fraud, corruption, and all the acts that stem from the five negative human values identified by the late Copthorne Macdonald (selfishness, greed, envy, hate, and revenge,) have no legitimate place on that ultimate sojourn. Of course, perfection is simply not present in myself and others now. Each of us must examine ourselves because we all live in glass houses. The moral: don’t throw rocks. Particularly of a personal or political nature when motivated by any of the negative human values noted above.

God is love and I deeply believe that love will find a way for truth, kindness, and understanding to prevail in America and worldwide.

I do not remember the exact quote, but Martin Luther King Jr, a wonderful champion of nonviolence, stated that love will overcome hate. I greatly admire Reverend King who brought America through a difficult period – as he led blacks and all with minimal bloodshed on all sides.

Republicans, Independents, Democrats: we MUST! MUST! MUST! speak and stand for truth. America, our cherished freedoms, free enterprise, and our very Republic is in great peril.

Yes, I believe the word “progressive” has become a sham since my youth. We must fight this insidious propaganda and all that accompanies it.

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