A Practical Approach to Ecological Harmony

Dear God,

Guide Americans to realize that President Trump and Republicans can and will work toward ecological harmony, a bi-partisan and global challenge.

In his first term, America went about gaining energy independence; but for economic and security goals. The second term would allow the enhancement of ecological harmony, a bipartisan issue and a global one.

China is the world’s worst offender when it comes to ecological harmony.

While the Paris Accord was a failure in actual results, ecological harmony is certainly a global priority. I do not agree with a top-down authoritarian regulatory approach to America’s contribution in this endeavor.

In contrast to the Obama/Biden administration’s approach, the Trump Administration would lead with private industry – a cooperation akin to the way President Trump allied with our pharmaceutical industry and other private entities to combat the China Virus.

I’m a firm believer that free enterprise is the engine of prosperity. We should challenge private industry to freely attack the whole ecological harmony issue, not try to regulate our way out of it with an authoritarian approach.

The Trump and Republican path is to empower the individual and free enterprise to go about it through inventions, individual assertiveness, and a genuine American “can-do” spirit to drive our efforts in aiding America’s ecology.

Internationally, America must lead by example, making innovations that can be applied worldwide. This whole initiative will not be a top-down totalitarian mandate.

President Trump has been a gentleman of action – promises have been made, and promises have been kept. Unlike the Obama/Biden administration’s message of hope and change which brought little in the way of results, President Trump has seen the ecological benefits of natural gas through fracking. Air quality has improved, although the mainstream media will never tell the public that fact.

The Trump administration can’t promise a reversal of climate change because it has roots over many years and is very much a global phenomenon. The Green New Deal incorporated in China Joe Biden’s platform is highly naïve, impractical, and devoid of economic reality. It is very much a top-down, dogmatic, socialist approach that is “pie in the sky,” an insult to the intelligence of the American people.

But that does not mean practical, innovative, freedom and prosperity-based solutions couldn’t be developed by a Trump administration, Republicans, and cooperative Democrats. (See my chapter 14, Ecological Harmony, in my Mona Lisa book Wisdom for Heaven on Earth.)

I believe deeply in ecological harmony, but it must be balanced with other important goals and the elements of freedom and prosperity.

I implore you not to be a one-issue ecological harmony voter. I sincerely believe the Biden/Harris Green New Deal in their platform is deeply flawed, impractical, and only present to lure your vote. I certainly consider ecological harmony to be an important challenge. However, an alliance between President Trump and Republicans with a majority in the house and senate (along with cooperative democrats) can and will address that domestic and global obstacle in an organized, practical, effective, superb manner.

In Christ’s name, Amen.

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