The Bipolar Millionaire, Updated 2016 Edition

We have reorganized the first edition of my memoir in chronological order while keeping almost exactly the parts that we had originally included. I invite you to get a copy and I’ll bet you will have a hard time putting it down. People tell me it’s a “page-turner.”

It’s the honest account of my life up to now. Of course, as of now, I’m not a celebrity, but I expect you to be spellbound by the triumphs (first in my class in accounting at the University of Georgia) and tragedies (bipolar episodes until a cure late in life).

I worked 29 years as a CPA—in and out of responsible jobs. I had two failed marriages due to my bipolar disorder. And then, at age 57 in 2002 I became a multimillionaire through inheritances from Mother and Daddy, primarily Daddy who also had bipolar disorder. Despite his case, Daddy was good with money and was a superb investor.

I’m going to surprise you with the ending, the enormous effort that went into my cure.