From Innovation to Spirituality

We are presently in The Innovation Age.  This will eventually to a spiritual age, which will be a Heaven on Earth.  A Heaven on Earth will evoke kindness, compassion and love to and from all of us as we act with mutual respect, friendship and admiration.  We must innovate in deeds and faith—worldwide—with a deep appreciation of ourselves and others.  That certainly doesn’t mean that we should all believe the same things.  The values that are present in the world’s loving religions are to be held in high regard.  Thus, those values can and will lead to deeds that will help us progress to a Heaven on Earth.

We all have an important role to play in this ultimate journey.  Kindness toward ourselves and others is one of those basic values.  Honesty and truthfulness also stand out in my mind, along with justice and fairness in our dealings with others.

Faith is a concept that we all need; but while we are all more alike than we are different, we are all unique.  So, our faiths may take different loving avenues, yet arrive in the same place—to values and more importantly, what we say and do.  My faith is in Almighty God, the Creator of the universe(s) and that little piece of God within each of us and all of us.

The world is getting smaller and we all need each other.  Deeds are the key to progress toward a Heaven on Earth.  What we say and do—all seven billion of us—is crucial to progress in everything from peace to prosperity.  We all need love.  That includes not only self-esteem and love of others, but an orientation of kindness toward others.