Restaurants Going Green

Last night I went to one of my usual restaurants.  However, I forgot my jacket.  Nevertheless, it was a warm evening and I was appropriately dressed in a Soldiers of Love (the charity that I founded) yellow polo shirt and slacks.  As usual, I sipped a couple of glasses of red wine–my minimum and maximum–and had dinner.

As soon as I was seated,  I began reading a book review that I am writing.  But it wasn’t long before I got quite cold.  I must have asked four or five times for the restaurant staff to turn down the air conditioner.  Again and again, they assured me that they would, but they never did.

I realize that my slight discomfort is not of any real consequence.  But the situation got me to thinking about our planet and those power plants whose operations harm our good earth.  What if restaurants and other public places, such as offices and theaters, would adjust their thermostats to a comfortable, but not overly chilly temperature?  Some people might be slightly uncomfortable, such those who are naturally hot-natured (and those who are very overweight).  The result would be that many diners would be comfortable (and not have to bring sweaters and jackets to restaurants when it’s warm outside) and certainly electricity–and money–would be saved.  This proposal is a concrete way in which restaurant can, and should, help our planet’s very real climate and environmental issues.

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