March 2010,

Is it too much to ask? A heaven on earth? Not to the 101 contributors of this book, “how to achieve a heaven on earth”, edited by John E. Wade II. These writers come from all walks of life–politicians, world leaders, philosophers, scientists, authors, motivational speakers, artists, businessmen and visionaries–all humans, all citizens of the world.

Wade gathered insightful essays focusing on a simple concept: we can achieve heaven on earth if we really wanted to. The essays, however, reveal the painful fact that it’s not as simple as it sounds. There is no single, simple how-to formula to follow.

Because achieving a heaven state requires a major confluence of countless factors and variables, Wade defined the basic pre-requisites for mankind’s ideal world. He listed the ten elements that are essential to achieving heaven on earth and grouped the essays accordingly.

The ten essential elements are bordering on the nebulous. But when you delve into the thoughts of the contributors, you will note that despite the seemingly unfathomable mission of building a heaven on earth through world peace, democracies, racial harmony, or moral purpose and meaning, among others, simple solutions abound. Fortunately, these small and simple solutions have the capacity to proliferate and create a global impact.

More than a hundred minds poured wisdom and advice into this book. Many are saying the same things, looking at the same dilemmas, offering the same solutions. Many spout religion, while some trust in the intrinsic goodness of man. Their message is one: heaven on earth –can- be achieved. John E. Wade II published this book to inspire all of us to do our part.

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