March 2010,

how to achieve a heaven on earth
101 insightful essays from the world’s greatest thinkers, leaders, and writers.
by John E. Wade II

This 347 page creative collection was a pleasure to review. One focus with many voices, all straightforward and deeply concerned about Mother Earth and all that inhabit her. My heart just filled so full it felt like it was gonna burst as I read one blessed essay after another, kinda like spiritual candies. I loved the format, it was simple and broken down into topics like peace, security, spiritual harmony, freedom, health and many more.

It was so cool to go to the section on democracies and hear Marianne Williamson’s views on public office and our leaders. I then got whisked away to the prosperity section and have King Duncan tell me about child labor and focus on how we need to help our children. I learned through deep thoughts and personal experiences oh so much, and I got into this rhythm of reading and digesting a couple stories at a time. I feel asleep with precious ideas and imaginative ponders. I would recommend this magnificent and majestic masterpiece to anyone who wants some powerful words on some tough topics. Thanks John, for bringing us this major labor of love.

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