Katrina Remembrance Presentation

I will make a presentation at the 10th Annual New Orleans Commemorative Event—Katrina Artistically Revisited. This event is at The Theatres at Canal Place. My talk is scheduled from 3:30-4:00 with questions. It will include a description of my very recently published book, The Bipolar Millionaire. The book was ten years in the making and coincided with the 10-year remembrance. I will also tell my Katrina story, one of approximately 1,200,000 including the metro area and the coastal areas.

The book talk will anticipate questions, especially about the Operation. In preparing this portion of the speech, I will point out the government secret program at Tuskegee Institute which went on for a long period of time (1932-1972, forty years). In that program poor African Americans were not treated with available medications for syphilis and 399 died without the proper treatment. It was a moral outrage.

The Operation in my book was and is secret, but was benevolent in nature. It was long lasting from 1998 till the present. While at times it was tough in the short term, it benefited me in the long term with strong resilience. The major accomplishments from 1998 to the present were to cure me of bipolar disorder, guide me spiritually down to my own deeply held beliefs and to make me a force in the Republican Party.

Thank you, all involved with the Operation.