Congressman Bill Cassidy for Senate

Very recently I attended the opening of the Jefferson Parish senate campaign office of Congressman Bill Cassidy, M.D.  This is the second time I’ve seen and heard Dr. Cassidy, and I have been thoroughly impressed both  times.
Bill Cassidy is tall and slender and quite attractive.  His wife is poised, charming, slender and a physician too.  Bill Cassidy will give Louisiana a fresh, intelligent and dedicated Senator.  He actually reads the proposed bills–including Obamacare.  Of course, he categorically stated that he always gets the last word with his wife, “Yes, dear.”
He is an expert on Obamacare and the alternatives, having not only read the bill, but is fully aware of the Republican alternatives, despite the negative Democratic television ads that are “misleading” at best as to his health care stance.  He explained that before Obamacare, there were 40 million uninsured people in our nation.  Guess how many we now have,  Yes, 40 million.
Senator Mary Landrieu has voted 97% of the time in accordance with President Obama.  That’s completely out of line with the wishes of most of the citizens of New Orleans.  Landrieu was at her worst when she cast the deciding vote that allowed Obamacare to pass.  There will be a lot of  television commercials that “mislead and confuse.”  That’s sort of putting it mildly as to these Democratic attack ads.
We need Bill Cassidy M.D. to represent us in the U.S. Senate.  During the recent campaign headquarters event, he became quite passionate because, having been a Congressman, he understands how badly we need to change the majority of the Senate, and his election is projected to be the sixth Republican who can change the Senate to a Republican majority, which will finally rid Congress of Senator Harry Reid, who makes so many disastrous statements and legislative decisions.
This is a crucial year for Louisiana and our nation.  Jefferson Parish is an important key to our nation’s future.  It wasn’t Louisiana’s fault that the incumbent President Obama was reelected.  We were a “red” state.  This vote for Bill Cassidy is critical to our nation and the world.
Go Doctor Cassidy!  Go Republicans!

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