By John E. Wade II / July 24, 2021 /

We think individually within our own mind; and, if we grow and are fortunate in these three pursuits, we love to within, to without, and are showered with God’s love. This is NOT a collective action, but with each of us, a journey aided by prayer.

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By John E. Wade II / July 23, 2021 /

Alcohol is a hard drug and it behooves human beings to treat it with caution.

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The Cuban and American People

By John E. Wade II / July 22, 2021 /

The Cuban people are risking all to lift the 62-year yoke of Communist/Socialist dictatorships as China Joe Biden takes his orders from the Chinese Communist dictator and his American stooges, (what I call Xi+). Fraudulent elections have dire consequences. Meanwhile Democrats push for quick action on expenditures which are now estimated at $5 trillion. Waste,…

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By John E. Wade II / July 20, 2021 /

I am now in the process of reading, (with a lot of notes), Mr. Mark R. Levin’s Star Spangled Banner book, “American Marxism.” It is powerful AND thought-provoking. I predict that it will be another best-seller for him. I love watching Mr. Levin on TV, Fox on Sunday night+, 8 PM, CST, “Life, Liberty, and…

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My Heart is with the Cuban People

By John E. Wade II / July 19, 2021 /

Having made a number of trips to Cuba; once holding an 8-day hunger strike for Cubans, and having observed the shameful state of the ordinary people there, I deeply care about the sixty+ years that they have suffered under the cruel “Communist/Socialist” dictatorships. The United States of America must NOT allow outside military/weapons or other…

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The Reckless Democrats!

By John E. Wade II / July 15, 2021 /

According to “The Wall Street Journal” Opinion today, July 15, 2021, a huge multi-trillion dollar Senate budget resolution is being rushed through as “The Sanders Democrats Go For Broke!” This contains an expansion of Medicare that “…will expand automatically without an annual appropriation from Congress.” This extra entitlement comes in the face of “Trustees [that…

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A Friday Night with Pat O’Brien’s in New Orleans

By John E. Wade II / July 10, 2021 /

I proceeded via street car to the Bourbon House for a delicious fish dish and afterwards walked down Bourbon Street to Pat O’Brien’s and their exciting piano bar! Present tense as written from now on. The two female singers/piano players are belting out “Sweet Caroline” and the crowd is loving it-“reaching out, touching you, you…

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The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) at 100

By pwsadmin / July 7, 2021 /

In “The EPOCH TIMES” dated June 30-July 6, 2021, an horrific history of the CCP is graphically presented in both narration and pictures. “Highlights” include first some of Mao’s brutal, cruel, self-centered “rule” including the following (Mao was the first head of the CCP.): Accusing rivals of being spies and purging them (about 10,000 CCP…

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“Animal House” and “1984”

By pwsadmin / July 4, 2021 /

Yesterday, I completed reading “Animal House” by George Orwell, having read it many years ago.  We must be wary of America becoming a reflection of that parody. Today, July 4, 2021, I begin reading another unique work of that insightful author, “1984,” which I also read many years ago. Display those Stars and Stripes in…

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The Communist Chinese Party

By pwsadmin / July 1, 2021 /

Xi (dictator of China), fancies himself as another Mao, (who was founder of the Communist Chinese Party and directly or indirectly responsible for about 100 million deaths among the Chinese people). Xi is now trying to alter the FACTS about Mao. Such a goal for Xi is right in line with Xi’s “accomplishments,” the China…

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