Romney will focus on solutions

By John E. Wade II / August 27, 2012 /

I like what I read in the Tampa Bay Times and Politico this morning, that Governor Romney is saying, “I am who I am,” rather than trying to be someone other than himself.   Instead of pretending to connect with truck drivers in a touchy-feely way, he wants to take steps that actually help truck drivers and other workers.  In…

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Musings as I await the Republican National Convention

By John E. Wade II / August 26, 2012 /

The first day of the Republican National Convention here in Tampa has been cancelled because of the approach of Hurricane Isaac, expected to hit Tampa tomorrow.   As a Katrina veteran, I’m not overly concerned about this approaching storm. I am handing out cards with my website information, as well as, and more importantly, the piece…

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Kindness in politics

By John E. Wade II / August 25, 2012 /

We must be kinder in our politics.  They say that “negative campaigning” works and that voters often cast their ballots against someone rather than for a candidate.  We have a wonderful Republican ticket with Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan, a pair that earns a “for” vote in my mind. We should all take time to think—about this election, our…

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Our Future

By John E. Wade II / August 23, 2012 /

Our nation, Governor Romney, Congressman Ryan, a host of Republicans at all levels and I have a tremendous challenge ahead, not only with regard to the election, but salvaging our nation financially and otherwise.  This is not the time to tell everyone not to be afraid.  That’s like telling troops on the way to the…

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Complex Issues – Simple Solutions

By John E. Wade II / August 22, 2012 /

I met Governor Romney at a fundraiser dinner and gave him two of my books, How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth and Ronald Reagan’s Wisdom for the Twenty-First Century, both with personal inscriptions.  He thanked me and said, “I will look at them.”  Then we were photographed together.  I made the most of my opportunity. President Obama’s…

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What would Reagan do?

By John E. Wade II / August 17, 2012 /

President Obama’s anti-Reaganomics tax and regulatory policies have hurt our economy already, and, if reelected, he will really hurt us and the world.  I believe he and the current global debt will cause a worldwide depression. I just got through practicing my speech.  I’m pretty sure I can deliver practically all without it looking like…

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Business Smarts

By John E. Wade II / August 16, 2012 /

Investing is an art, not a science.  One of the many things that impress me about Governor Romney is his superb investing as head of Bain Capital.  That takes tremendous insight, as he oversaw approximately a hundred such investments during his fifteen years there. As co-founder and head he analyzed the suitability of companies.  Jobs…

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Candidate Comparison

By John E. Wade II / July 25, 2011 /

Pres. Barack Obama Gov. Mitt Romney Political Experience 8 years Illinois State Senate Governor of Massachusetts 2003 – 2007He is credited with eliminating the state’s $1.5 billion deficit through a series of spending cuts and increases in some fees.  During this time, he signed into law progressive health care reform legislation which provided near universal…

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