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Romney will focus on solutions

I like what I read in the Tampa Bay Times and Politico this morning, that Governor Romney is saying, “I am who I am,” ...

Musings as I await the Republican National Convention

The first day of the Republican National Convention here in Tampa has been cancelled because of the approach of Hurricane ...

Kindness in politics

We must be kinder in our politics.  They say that “negative campaigning” works and that voters often cast their ballots against someone ...

Our Future

Our nation, Governor Romney, Congressman Ryan, a host of Republicans at all levels, and I have a tremendous challenge ahead, ...

Complex Issues – Simple Solutions

I met Governor Romney at a fundraiser dinner and gave him two of my books, How to Achieve a Heaven on ...

What would Reagan do?

President Obama’s anti-Reaganomics tax and regulatory policies have hurt our economy already, and, if reelected, he will really hurt us ...

Business Smarts

Investing is an art, not a science.  One of the many things that impress me about Governor Romney is his ...

Baton Rouge Lagniappe

John Wade will make an appearance on Baton Rouge Lagniappe very soon to talk about and promote the television series, “A World ...

WMKT-AM Michigan, 10 min.

10:10 a.m. CentralWMKT-AM Michigan, 10 min.Host Vic McCartyJune 23 – July 6Russia

The Perfect Gift for That Ambitious Graduate

Graduates—whether from high school, college or advanced degree programs—are seldom surprised by the gifts they receive.  Picture frames, fine pens, ...

Candidate Comparison

Pres. Barack ObamaGov. Mitt RomneyPolitical Experience8 years Illinois State SenateGovernor of Massachusetts 2003 – 2007He is credited with eliminating the ...

Panel Event on How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth

Saturday, October 9, 2010Panel Event on How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth10am – NoonSt. Tammany Parish Library, Causeway Branch3457 Highway ...

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