I’ve read for the first time “The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.” and I highly recommend it to all. I’ve also viewed several times”Martin” on Amazon Prime. Additionally, I’ve read and written a lot about Gandhi as well as seen multiple times the movie, “Gandhi.”

Antifa and Black Lives Matter simply do not measure up to Gandhi and Dr. King. As to accomplishments, Gandhi freed colonial India from Britain and Dr. King realized a tremendous transition for Blacks, both without violence.

Both Gandhi and Dr. King had a spiritual motivation, were not driven by monetary gain, had clear-cut objectives, and were genuine in their practice of non-violence. Also, in my opinion, both of these gentlemen were geniuses.

In my opinion, Antifa and Black Lives Matter failed miserably in terms of all of these vital characteristics.

In the case of Ukraine, self-defense was and is a necessity. However, the looting, destruction of livelihoods and property, extortion, and violence perpetrated by Antifa and Black Lives Matter were reprehensible (all without condemnation by the Democrats).

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