First, let me give you a brief summary of my background. I attained a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in accounting at my last stop (first in my undergraduate accounting class and later president of Beta Alpha Psi, the accounting honor society). I also went on at the University to earn a Masters of Accountancy degree. I passed the Certified Public Accounting examination the first time.

I had about a 30-year career as a CPA designated accountant which included about 18 years of audit experience (with Arthur Andersen and the largest CPA firm in New Orleans; with most of my audit experience as a senior auditor with the Defense Contract Audit Agency, about 15 years).

I retired from accounting in 1999. I’ve been an investor since 1963, assisted my father with his substantial holdings of AFLAC from about 1980 till his death in 2002, then with my inheritance in liquid assets have been an investor up until the present time.

President Reagan, whom I greatly admired, made me into a lifelong Republican. I’ve authored 7 books, 6 of which made it into print.

During the 2016 presidential election, I promoted a number of tweets (all of which I financed and reported legally). My most successful tweet was as follows; “I believe Mr. Trump’s lack of political correctness is far better than Mrs. Clinton’s political corruption.”

I tweeted and blogged for President Trump again in 2020, approximately 9000 tweets (from early July, 2020, till March, 2021). Previous to that and subsequently I have blogged on my web site ( with both spiritual and political subjects.

To be perfectly honest, the presidential election of November 3, 2020, tremendously lowered my confidence in that particular presidential election. I studied that election in great depth (lawsuits, macro/micro rationales, media, summarized the Navarro Report, and observed the candidates themselves as they conducted their campaigns).

I simply do not believe Mr. Biden and Mrs. Harris were legally elected by the American people. Due to my lack of trust in that crucial election, I have wondered about other elections; federal, state, and local. I am not alone.

I have certainly not been mute about what I deeply consider a massive election fraud.

Dealing with uncertainty is a life skill we all need. There is a huge doubt in American’s minds as to the cognitive ability, competence, and corruption of “President” Biden and the fitness of “Vice President” Harris.;

If that had been a valid election, I would certainly go along with so many “status quo” pundits.

But now, two books, (in particular), expose the deep corruption of Joe Biden and his family. (“Laptop from Hell” by Miranda Devine and “Red Handed” by Peter Schweizer).

Especially troubling in these two books are Joe Biden’s monetary connections through family members to China (“$31 million from Chinese intelligence-linked businessmen”) per “Red Handed” and Russia (millions) per “Laptop form Hell.”

I now believe Joe Biden has been courting these foreign powers for decades and is an absolute traitor. And make no mistake about it. Policies have been bent to accommodate our enemies; Crimea, Eastern Ukraine, the present invasion of Ukraine, and China’s current state.

Most media describe the Obama/Biden Administration (with Joe Biden being the point person for Ukraine and China) and the “Biden Administration” as “weak.” Quite frankly, I consider their actions/policies far worse than that. As Peter Schweizer commented on Biden’s rhetoric toward China; “…big help with a little badmouth.”

Where do we go from here? In my opinion, both the “president” and “vice president” were NOT legally elected and are unfit to serve our American people who did not elect them.

This is the Innovation Age and NOW in our presidency/vice presidency, we must INNOVATE! I hesitate to see what America will become almost three years from now should the “Biden Administration” continue on.

As the country song goes; “Please don’t tell me how the story ends.”


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