I’m in my second in-depth study of the 51-page Hudson Institute analysis; “Economic Cracks in the Great Wall of China; Is China’s Current Economic Model Sustainable?” by Mr. Thomas J. Duesterberg. (dated December, 2021).

The analysis is so extensive that I intend to report on it multiple times with more of the pertinent details.

China’s dictator, Xi, in my opinion and that of the above cited source, has been doing the wrong things since he gained power in 2013. Much of the debt crunch and inefficient State Owned Entities (fully or partially state owned) do predate him.

Yet the extent of China’s problems and Xi’s actions are based on his personal ambitions and underlie a present and lingering danger to the Chinese people and potentially elsewhere. The report compares this crisis to that of America in 2008. Yet, in my view, the damage and structural problems in China, (as revealed, meticulous point by point), demonstrates a even greater latent peril.

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