In “The Wall Street Journal” dated November 4, 2021, I have analyzed the Tuesday elections.

In Virginia, Republican Glen Youngkin, a businessman, yet a novice to politics, ran a superb campaign focused primarily on education, safety, and the economy, and he WON!

Let’s address education first. He emphasized “academic transparency” whereas his Democrat opponent, Mr. McAuliffe, foolishly stated, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” In my words, Mr. Youngkin showed that he represented the parents/students, NOT the teachers’ unions. Mr. Youngkin also pounced upon Mr. McAuliffe for opposing Virginia’s right-to-work law, a typical Democratic position to secure union campaign contributions. The Virginia law keeps unions from forcing dues contributions.

Mr. Wilcox (with a sterling background) wrote an opinion piece that stated, “Underreporting and nonreporting of bullying, violence, and sexual assault are far more serious problems than parents realize.” Mr. Youngkin’s campaign “caught fire” after two alleged instances of sexual assault by a student. Mr. Youngkin is also a champion of charter schools, (I believe this is an issue whose time is NOW). Mr. Wilcox has an idea that might be applied nationwide-“…hold school board elections in years when other big elections are taking place.”

As to safety, Mr. Youngkin advocated “full funding of law enforcement and reform of the parole board.” This law and order stance was reflected in voting nationally on Tuesday. This issue is particularly true for those who live or work in areas threatened with crime.

The third major issue was the economy. Mr. Youngkin’s business background shined as he campaigned. Inflation, which is being ignored now in Democratic pending legislation, was a factor favoring an astute Republican.

In New Jersey, the big issue was “the state’s nation-leading property taxes.” Mr. Murphy, the Democrat candidate for Governor, stated that if taxes are “the only issue upon which you’re going to make a decision, we’re probably not your state.” This reminds me of my Mother who was a “died in the wool Democrat.” Even she described her party’s approach as one of “tax and spend.”

Mr. Ciattarelli, the Republican candidate, “hammered” that tax issue. And Garden State voters swung away from those taxes. Supposedly, the Democrat Mr. Murphy won by a narrow margin. However, after analyzing in depth the presidential election of November 3, 2020, I WONDER about election integrity in New Jersey.

Incidentally, the “Democrats’ long-time Senate president…appears to have lost to a truck driver who spent practically nothing.” My question, was the New Jersey governor’s race fair, honest, and legal?

Election integrity in ALL 50 states is crucial to our American Republic. Our elections should be as secure as our credit/debit cards.

Stars and Stripes, Forever!

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