(Source: “The Epoch Times,” which I highly recommend, this one dated November 10-16, 2021)

This fine publication reported that Republicans made an outstanding “grass-roots” effort which led to over 3000 new poll watchers (a majority of them conservatives). The endeavor had begun over a decade ago. Similar strides are planned for the 2022 mid-term elections. Voting machines were also researched. It appears 50-state standards as to all automation, (in voting machines or vote counting), are essential (my opinion). And Republicans WON in Virginia!

Unfortunately, no such drive took place in New Jersey and the Democrat Governor won narrowly?

Thank you, Virginia! Let’s have election integrity in ALL 50 states, including any machines with strict standards, voting as secure as our credit/debit cards. Our American Republic deserves it. And such security is vital for our confidence in self-government.

Stars and Stripes, Forever!

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