I deeply believe in parents/students’ right to school choice, a crucial issue in Virginia and nationwide.

(Quotes according to the “Washington Examiner,” October 26, 2021)

Mr. McAuliffe, Democrat and now a candidate for election on Tuesday, November 2, 2021, as Virginia’s governor “…exclusively attended private schools and sent all five of his children to private schools…But as Virginia’s former governor, he vetoed nine school choice bills…blocking access to educational options for less advantaged families.” As to his opponent, Mr. Youngkin’s support of school choice, Mr. McAuliffe stated, “I will never allow that as governor.”

Why is Mr. McAuliffe so opposed to school choice? “The teachers unions are some of McAuliffe’s biggest donors, and they fight tooth and nail against allowing families to take their children’s education dollars to nonunion private and charter school competition.”

I hardheartedly support Mr. Youngkin for governor of Virginia due to his avid support of school choice (whose time has come) and other issues.

I hope and pray for election integrity in this Virginia race, a victory for Mr. Youngkin, and a triumph for parents/students!

Stars and Stripes, Forever!

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