I deeply believe in our American freedom and free enterprise. On that path we can and will continue to be recognized as the INNOVATION NATION!

If we to pursue the IMPOSTER and the Democrats with open borders, the possible MONSTER bill in practically ANY amount or form, etc., America will sink into a cesspool of disaster-and not only for us. WHY?

In addressing climate change; America can provide technological innovations as called for by Mr. Bill Gates in his superb book; “How To Avoid A Climate Disaster.” Basic and applied research (INNOVATION) is needed, as pointed out again and again in the book to lower the “Green Premium.”

Also, think about the “century of biology” as noted in “Barron’s,” (See September 27, 2021 issue)

America direly needs to retain our freedom, free enterprise, and the Trump/Republican tax structure as well as their lowered regulations to avidly support our INNOVATION NATION relentlessly!

Democrats-Get out of the way! RUN from Nancy, Chuck, and, of course, the IMPOSTER!

Americans; Use your ingenuity to champion the above with letters, e-mails, phone calls, personal visits to Democrats in polite, mannerly, yet firm ways (without profanity or threats of violence) in this hour of need!


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