Smart Phones and Investing

Through the marvels of our Innovation Age, individuals starting with small amounts of cash (not with debt) can invest through smart phones.

One can learn by doing, small at first, with loses as well as gains; but persistently and patiently investing in free enterprises of America.

My grandfather was a superb entrepreneur (starting from scratch), my father was a superb investor (with a lifetime average of 20 % compounded growth + 0 to rising cash dividends), and I seek to emulate both of them as a superb investor and pathfinder for America and the world.

Freedom and free enterprise engender creativity and prosperity, individually, in America and worldwide.

The Democrats don’t have a clue as to the American dream. They use hand outs which can lower self-respect, self-esteem, and destroy a sense of purpose. Republicans offer hand ups, opportunities like school choice, opportunity zones, funding historically black colleges, lower taxes, less regulation, safety, and much more.

In my opinion, the Democrats are LOST, mired in one-party failed government of cities and states as well as federal “leaders” who are extremely wasteful and corrupt.

We must have forensic audits of all federal elections starting with November 3, 2020, and thereafter. Let’s WIN America back from these imposters. Our votes should be as secure as our credit and debit cards.

Stars and Stripes, Forever!


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