I was taught to listen by my parents, others, and myself.

Well, I listened on Election night, November 3, 2020, and thereafter. Prior to the “results,” I had tweeted, blogged, and prayed for President Trump, a majority of Republicans in the House and Senate, as well as Republican wins throughout America.

In legal votes, accurately counted, I sincerely believe-based on my own deep analysis of the presidential election-that my tweets, blogs, and prayers were answered by legal American votes.

I simply no longer trust Twitter, nor Mr. Jack Dorsey, (CEO of Twitter and Square). I do not believe that we have ELECTION INTEGRITY in America-on November 3, 2020, or now in all 50 states (including my home state of Louisiana).

In my opinion, the Democratic “rule” is fraudulent. I am NOT alone. The reckless Democrats are ruining America through an inhumane, lawless, Unconstitutional, violent, Southern border with an influx of China Virus+.

Republicans must demand and get forensic audits in every state possible and learn from them. ELECTION INTEGRITY must be the top priority for Republicans and ALL Americans! This is especially true of all suspect elections (such as the presidential, house, and senate-including the two runoff senatorial races in Georgia).

Election Integrity is a must, NOW!

I implore you to read Mr. Mark R. Levin’s superb book; “American Marxism,” and watch his TV show, “Life, Liberty, and Levin” on Sunday nights on Fox, 8:00 PM, EST. While it’s alarming, I recommend reading Mr. George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” and “1984” simply because, sadly, they pertain to the present.

We, the people, and especially Republicans, must restore ELECTION INTEGRITY state by state, including all the so-called blue states where citizens are voting with their feet-especially New York and California (terribly governed). I beseech you to listen and act!

Stars and Stripes can demonstrate your patriotism and love of our FREEDOMS!


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