I love that wonderful song with the line, “You’ll never walk alone.” I believe each of us and all of us is on a spiritual journey, one that winds up and down through ALL the moments of our life, with the hope (that me and perhaps you too), offer a PRAYER for ALL. Such a prayer is that we all ultimately lead a life, in terms of some meaningful measure, a LIFE that COUNTS-from the voting booth to resolving issue after issue after issue that confronts us, ultimately, or go down trying with peace in our hearts!

The challenges of our time are enormous; but I deeply believe that our Creator is with us every instant, breath, and heartbeat, as we may strive to be kind to ourselves, others, and someday, somehow, to our Creator! Fundamentally, LOVE is our origin and our destination or, perhaps more poetically, simply our destiny!

Words, words, words; thoughts, thought, thoughts, they fall gently on my mind and heart as the music plays on, Elvis, Roy Orbison, and a host of others…such beautiful sounds echoing through the night…

Emotion. That is an integral component of all of us. Let’s move away from Copthorne Macdonald’s negative human values of selfishness, greed, envy, hate, and revenge toward his wisdom-associated values of empathy, truth, honesty, justice, cooperation, peace, compassion, universal well-being, creativity, and comprehensive knowledge.

Elvis sings the sad song, “In the ghetto.” This is certainly meant to confront those huge challenges certain to confront honest REPUBLICAN ACTIONS; offering opportunities and hand-ups, NOT DEMOCRATS and their handouts that may buy votes, but encourage victim-hood, a lack of healthy self-esteem, self-respect, and self-worth-leading to envy, hate, crime, and woes of all sorts.

Once I asked my then pastor, Reverend Dr. Don Frampton; Why are we here? His answer was simple, yet powerful; that God did not want to be alone. Yes, Gandhi, many others, and I believe that we are all children of God, since the dawn of humankind. We need meaning and purpose in our lives, starting with kindness to ourselves and others.

Celebrate the Stars and Stripes as well as our freedom, hopes, and dreams!


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