Post-World War I and Pre-World War II, Germany (due to their loss of World War I and the harsh surrender terms) ended up printing German Marks to repay World War I debts. Marks became so worthless that they were used as kindling to ignite fires.

During the Obama/Biden Administration (2008-2012); they also printed money as they presided over an anemic economy for blacks, browns, Asians, women, and others while at the same time doubling America’s national debt. Others suffered as the wealthy prospered (due to their stock holdings which rose during that period).

Yes, the Democrats learned, only too well, how to print money. Now they want to continue such a practice. They are ignoring the German debacle and the 1970s with stagflation (high inflation and high unemployment) as well as high interest rates (under a Democratic president).

They are rushing through legislation in Congress without the due diligence which is direly needed. There have been no public hearings nor are they even allowing time for all the Republicans to view the details of the proposed laws.

First, they have an approximately $500 Billion in “Infrastructure” (which is highly subject to waste and corruption). This is to be followed by a $5 TRILLION bill (if honestly valued as per “The Wall Street Journal”) which comes via Senator Bernie Sanders (also full of waste, corruption, and worse).

All this reminds me of Obamacare, the super expensive and delayed web site, as well as the ultimate non-performance of Obamacare (so bad in Texas that an Obamacare patient with cancer can’t receive Obamacare funds for M.D. Anderson, right there in Texas).

Republicans, UNITE! Democrats; learn, at least a few of you (and don’t heed the sticks and carrots).

DO NOT PASS EITHER OF THESE TWO BILLS without long, careful, open, honest, Senate/House hearings and deliberations as well as providing the WHOLE detailed bills to members of Congress and the public prior to ANY VOTE! Remember Obamacare which could NOT be read by Republican House members till AFTER the vote. How ridiculous and reckless! This is dangerous territory for America!

Currency risks, waste, and corruption await the passage of these huge, hasty, secret, bills.

Let the Stars and Stripes shine again and again and again, proudly!


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