A Friday Night with Pat O’Brien’s in New Orleans

I proceeded via street car to the Bourbon House for a delicious fish dish and afterwards walked down Bourbon Street to Pat O’Brien’s and their exciting piano bar!

Present tense as written from now on. The two female singers/piano players are belting out “Sweet Caroline” and the crowd is loving it-“reaching out, touching you, you touching me…”

Now they sing “New Orleans Ladies,” my favorite in more ways than one.

I really believe that THE BEST IS YET TO COME, for New Orleans, America, and the world.  

The two new singers-they switch on the hour- are singing “YMCA” and the audience is joining in.

This special place is very alive and full of energy-for the good times certainly.

On the wall they have a picture and a plaque in honor of Mr. Edie Gabriel who I’m told died in Katrina. I remember him well as he was up-front center with a metal plate using it, holding coins, and keeping in time with the music between the dueling pianos. He must have helped a whole lot of people have fun here in the French Quarter. Thank you, Mr. Gabriel.

The music goes on with “Rollin on a Riverboat-rollin, rollin, with so many joining in.

The two women singers-both pairs-are really talented, singing a wide variety of songs, each playing their piano. I remember in years past they singers would have these huge books full of songs and music. Now they use IPads, but is their voices, wonderful piano skills, and stage presence that makes it all work like a charm.

The beauty of this lively room is not only the marvelous songs, but also the cozy nature and participation of those of us in the audience.

I’m drinking Diet Coke and water, but I may be alone in such a practice, at least in this moment.

New Orleans is so unique in such a variety of ways, no wonder that it is known as a destination city, and so many locals simply don’t want to leave. “Joy to the World” echoes through the air in sort of a celebration of life and the moment.

“Born to be Wild” reverberates and it stirs my very being.

“Send in the Clowns” is performed with genuine grace.

I request “Bridge Over Troubled Waters,” and it is performed in a memorable way.

One song after another, they fall like sweet rain accompanied by verve and rancor. Thank you, Pat O’Brien’s, the French Quarter, and our out-of-the ordinary, historic New Orleans.

Display the Stars and Stripes in deep appreciation of America, the beautiful!


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