Wisdom for Heaven On Earth

Book Focusing on Spiritual and Political Structure

In today’s world, contention and disagreements are at an all-time high, and politics are at the front and center of these issues. Political polarization is common, and the current climate of politics leaves many Americans feeling isolated, divided, and lost. John E. Wade II is an expert when it comes to writing books focusing on spiritual and political structure.

His seventh book about spiritual and political structure, “Wisdom for Heaven on Earth,” is a comprehensive guide to help you know how to fight your way out of divisiveness and darkness and into peace, joy, and harmony for everyone around you.

Why Read the Book?

Politics and spiritual well-being are intrinsically linked together, so when politics are mainly used to argue, fight, and divide us, our spiritual health declines. John E. Wade II has spent years studying political structure and battling his own depression and bipolar disease. Over the years, he has learned to overcome his trials, so he wrote about what he learned in “Wisdom for Heaven on Earth.”

Get the guidance you need to succeed in life with this book focusing on spiritual and political structure. Buy your copy today or contact John with any questions you may have.

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