How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth

Edited by John E. Wade II

Pelican Publishing Company, 2010

How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth is a collection of essays written by various authors that promotes and instills ten key elements that will help our world reach a heaven on earth.  Essayists include Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Warren Buffett, Tony Blair, Ted Turner, and more.  Please see our Authors page for a complete list.

Compiled and edited by author John E. Wade II and editor Patricia Livingston, How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth emphasizes that humankind, with God’s enduring, steadfast love, will progress to a heaven on earth, but we must meet God halfway. A heaven on earth will not come as manna from heaven. We must earn it by contributing our efforts, individually and working together, toward making the earth a better place to live.

Each essay will reflect and elaborate upon one or more of the ten elements of a heaven on earth: peace and security, freedom, democracies, prosperity, gender harmony, spiritual harmony, racial harmony, ecological harmony, and health, as well as moral purpose and meaning. In most, if not all, of these basic characteristics, positive results in one engender improvements in the others.

Half of all royalties generated from this book will be donated to Soldiers of Love, a charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals through promoting peace, racial harmony, prosperity, spirituality, ecological awareness, health and morality.

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