An Analysis and Comparison of Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India and US President Donald Trump

My source for Mr. Modi was a book by Andy Marino, “Narendra Modi, a Political Biography,” published by Harper Collins, India copyright 2014. My sources for Mr. Trump include “The Art of the Deal” reviewed on this website as well as my own readings/television news throughout the last two years.

          As I read Mr. Marino’s book and then went through it again, I found two stark differences, yet otherwise quite comparable histories and qualities. India is the world’s largest democracy by population (1.252 billion – 2013) with a gross domestic product of $1.877 trillion (2013). The United States is the world’s largest economy ($16.77 trillion – 2013) with a population of 318.9 million (2014).

         This is basically a partial review of Mr. Marino’s extraordinary book as well as a host of sources for Mr. Trump.


                                                                 Mr. Modi – Wealth

         Mr. Modi came from a very modest household with his father selling tea at a railway station and Mr. Modi helping out in his youth. Throughout his life he has cared little about money or possessions.

                                                                    Mr. Trump – Wealth

         Mr. Trump grew up in a somewhat wealthy family and worked early with his father in a real estate business. He went on to earn a degree from Wharton University. Before he became president he had amassed a multi-billion dollar fortune, mostly in real estate.

                                                                Mr. Modi – Marital History

         Mr. Modi did have a childhood match arranged by his family, but there was no ceremony, co-habitation or consummation of the marriage. Thus, he has always been single and—in my words—in love with India.

                                                         Mr. Trump – Marital History

          Mr. Trump has had two divorces and is currently happily married to our beautiful first lady, Ivanka Trump. All his children are real credits to his family.


                                                             Mr. Modi – Anti-Graft

         His passion was India. His mother told him not to take a bribe and he seems to have followed her advice. India’s government had been full of graft. Mr. Modi assumed the office of Chief Minister of Gujarat on October 7, 2001. “Modi let it be known in no uncertain terms that anybody accepting bribes was to be sacked, with no exceptions.”

                                                           Mr. Trump – Anti-Graft

         It is quite well known that Mr. Trump is a multi-billionaire and working for $1 per year as President. A campaign promise that he made was “to drain the swamps.” Thus, public laws, regulation policies and jobs aren’t for sale.

                                                                Mr. Modi – Outsider

         He is an outsider of the higher castes and most politicians in that he hasn’t accepted bribes. He’s an outsider of all the major parties although he leads his own.

                                                            Mr. Trump – Outsider

         He’s an outsider in that his career before the Presidency was in the private sector. Also, he is an outsider to the establishment politicians – Republican and Democratic.

                                             Mr. Modi – Extremely Hard Worker

         Mr. Modi has spent his adult life in an energetic and sustained pursuit of political and governmental excellence.

                                                Mr. Trump – Extremely Hard Worker

         Mr. Trump worked hard to gain his fortune and for the last two years campaigning for and initiating his Presidency. V. P. Pence said Mr. Trump was the hardest-working person he’s ever seen.

                                                          Mr. Modi – Innovator

         As Chief Minister of Gujarat (like the Governor of a state), Mr. Modi had an extraordinary number of innovations which resulted in a substantial growth and prosperity. One example was the digging of canals which are being covered with photovoltaic solar panels which will lower evaporation of the precious water and provide electricity.

                                                              Mr. Trump – Innovator

         Mr. Trump is also an innovator with “The Wall” perhaps being his most novel idea. His deportations of criminal illegal aliens are another policy change.

                                                                Mr. Modi – Ambitious

         His life seems to be that of a driven man who is passionate in his love of India.

                                                          Mr. Trump – Ambitious

         Most of his life before he entered politics was intense effort in building his fortune. But I also suspect that he has always had a keen interest in politics. I believe him when he says he wants to make America great again.

                                                           Practical – Mr. Modi

         Mr. Modi strived to turn Gujarat “. . . into a prosperous, business-friendly and economically-progressive state.” Attacking bribery and red-tape were keys to accomplishing those aims.

                                                      Practical – Mr. Trump

          Mr. Trump is going about lowering regulations in order to increase America’s productivity and our people’s freedom. He is also in the process of reforming taxes – a long overdue action.

 Respect for the Constitution – Mr. Modi

          In India a state of emergency was declared by the then Prime Minister. This had the effect of making the Constitution null and void. Mr. Modi was a wanted man and yet helped others who were political “criminals.” His love of India goes along with his allegiance to its Constitution.

Respect for the Constitution – Mr. Trump

          Mr. Trump has shown his high respect for our Constitution by the nomination of a superbly-qualified judge to the Supreme Court. Mrs. Clinton stated in effect that she would nominate someone who would be liberal and not bound by the Constitution as written.

 Mr. Modi – Development

          Mr. Modi built his reputation and eventual position of Prime Minister on the growth and prosperity he led in the state of Gujarat.

 Mr. Trump – Growth

          Mr. Trump’s platform is based largely on the formula that President Reagan used – lowering regulations and reforming taxes. I sincerely believe it will work again—bringing growth and prosperity to America.

Mr. Modi – India First

          Mr. Modi campaigned for India first.

Mr. Trump – America First

          Mr. Trump campaigned for America first.

 Mr. Modi – Fake News

          Early in his administration, Mr. Modi was the victim of what was probably a radical Muslim terrorist act followed by Hindu retaliation in Gujarat. The fake news blamed him. Mr. Marino, the author of “Narendra Modi,” went to great lengths to show both the fake news as well and the facts and the exoneration of Mr. Modi.

Mr. Trump – Fake News

          In Mr. Trump’s campaign and his Presidency the bias of the mainstream media has been unceasing. Unlike Mr. Modi who ignores the bias, Mr. Trump strikes back. Only time will tell if Mr. Trump’s strategy works (or whether the mainstream media will become more objective), but Mr. Trump has to be himself.

 Mr. Modi – Business Friendly

          There is no doubt that Mr. Modi’s business-friendly ways bore fruit. He cut red tape and fired anyone whom he found who took a bribe. He invoked five pillars of a development policy for Gujarat – “. . . water, energy, people, education and security.” He shined in all these areas from the time he was sworn in (October 7, 2001) until he became Prime Minister of India (May 26, 2014).

 Mr. Trump – Business Friendly

          Mr. Trump started his Presidency seeking to lower regulations and reform taxes to provide jobs, investments and businesses to America.

 Mr. Modi – Law and Order

          Mr. Modi experienced the terrorist act very early when he became Chief Minister of Gujarat. During his governance after then there were no such significant acts and he governed with a balanced hand as to Muslims and Hindus.

 Mr. Trump – Law and Order

          Mr. Trump has campaigned on a program of law and order – domestically with criminal illegal aliens, border security, and support of law enforcement generally. Internationally, he is pointing toward ISIS and all Islamic terrorists.

 Mr. Modi – Speaker

          Mr. Modi is a very effective speaker and has been doing it for a long time. Both his words and body language are persuasive. He also enjoys travel and giving talks domestically and globally.

 Mr. Trump – Speaker

 Mr. Trump likes to speak to audiences in America, and I predict that he will also be comfortable with foreign crowds.

 Mr. Modi and Mr. Trump are Decisive

         Mr. Modi is pro-India, not pro-party; and Mr. Trump is pro-America, not pro-party.

 Both Mr. Modi and Mr. Trump are pro-market/free enterprise and not for any more socialism in their nations.

         The “Narendra Modi” book was fascinating and enlightening partly because it revealed how much Prime Minister Modi was like President Trump – despite some of their obvious differences such as wealth, marital history and their path to head their country. I highly recommend Mr. Andy Marino’s book “Narendra Modi” in its entirety as well as Mr. Trump’s book, “The Art of the Deal.”

                                                                  Mr. Modi And Mr. Trump Twee

         Both Mr. Modi and Mr. Trump make good use of Twitter to communicate.

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