Thoughts on January 1, 2017

Are we robots?

I don’t like God’s creation stated in those terms—to compare children of God to the crude robots that we are able to build.

We are complicated and beyond our own understanding.  We have “free will.”  Our behavior is what counts with God—both Almighty God and also that “little piece of God” within each of us and all of us since the dawn of humankind.

What are we here for?  My pastor told me that Almighty God didn’t want to be alone.  So, simplicity invokes you to say He created generations of robots.  I agree that He created our DNA, our minds, bodies, and our “”little piece of God.”  He also understands us—each of us—absolutely and far, far better than we understand ourselves.

But calling us robots insinuates that Almighty God is directing us.  I don’t agree with that although I do believe he knows the choices we will make and has predetermined heaven on earth someday, somehow and a heaven for all who die before that blessed state.

I believe He is within and without us on a moment-by-moment basis.

As I wrote above, it is what we say and do that counts with God.  We have “free will.”  But God knows what we will say and do.  It’s like not telling a child what to do, but expecting him to do it.  Why does God allow bad behavior?  I don’t know, but I deeply believe He loves us with an enduring, steadfast love.  I also believe when heaven on earth comes or we enter heaven, the bad things we have experienced will become like grains of sand along the ocean shores.

Thus God is both internal in our “little piece of God” and external in Almighty God.  We are literally children of Almighty God.

Many of us have only an 8-second attention span.  This must be eliminated as we seek wisdom through reading, formal study, life experiences, thought and reflection including deep thought and prayer on all of importance.

John E. Wade II

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