My Attendance of the 2016 Republican National Convention

I will briefly state my “take away” from the Cleveland, Ohio convention. From it and everything else I know about Mr. Trump, he is honest, capable, and hard-working with solid accomplishments from the skyline of New York City to his winning of the Republican nomination for president. He thinks big and has vision. He will lead the American people with passion and loyalty.

On the other hand Hillary Clinton is dishonest. She’s not capable—examine her horrendous record as secretary of state. She has low stamina and no positive accomplishments of note. Her cover-up of the Benghazi disaster in directly lying to the mothers of slain soldiers was heartbreaking to hear at the convention. Of course, she also lied and lied and lied about her private server and emails. How can she be entrusted as our Commander in Chief?

The Clinton Foundation and speaking fees demonstrate how corrupt the Clintons are. Her intimidation of her husband’s sexual victims and partners is not fitting for the first female president. If they end up in the White House again, it will be far worse.

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