The Table of Contents of The Bipolar Millionaire

To give you insight into the contents of my memoir, I offer the Table of Contents as follows:
➢ Introduction
➢ Prologue: A Life-Altering Experience at the United States Air Force Academy
➢ Part I. The Making of a Millionaire
➢ Chapter 1. Growing Up Wealthy
➢ Chapter 2. My Life as a CPA, Husband and Father
➢ Part II. Having Bipolar Disorder and the Treatments that Followed
➢ Chapter 3. Understanding Bipolar Disorder
➢ Chapter 4. Episodes
➢ Chapter 5. Shock Treatments and Other Indignities
➢ Chapter 6. Healing
➢ Part III. The Operation
➢ Chapter 7. The Grand Experiment
➢ Chapter 8. Why Me?
➢ Part IV. Creativity and Energy Unleashed
➢ Chapter 9. My Continued Spiritual Journey
➢ Chapter 10. My Calling
➢ Appendix: Observations of the Operation