The Necessity to Choose Wisely this Presidential Election

Our nation and the world are very much at risk.  Those risks vary from climate change to nuclear weapons in the Middle East, to the printing of money all over the world.  We need to carefully choose the people we put in power who will handle these mounting risks.

The Democratic candidates currently running for president are far too far to the left and will not be able to properly address the issues we are facing. They do not respect the private sector, the service of prosperity (when it isn’t overtaken and regulated or absorbing deficits that undermine our whole economy with pressing debt).

The Democrats only care about re-election, not about the promises they can’t keep. In fact, trust and honesty are rare commodities among Democratic candidates.  This is why we must carefully look at the Republican candidates being offered up this presidential election and choose wisely.  I believe that Governor John Kasich of Ohio is the best option, and I fully endorse him for president.

Don’t get me wrong. We need Democrats as well as Republicans -– liberals, moderates and conservatives.

But we are at a crucial point in American history after the Obama Administration (at least January 20, 2017). So much damage has been done by President Obama and all the Democrats that supported him.

2016 is a “must win” for Republicans and all Americans, not to mention the world.

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