Governor John Kasich: A Man of Character

John Kasich has something that can’t be easily found: character, a value that will be extremely important if Secretary Clinton is the Democratic nominee. Were she to become the Democratic nominee, Kasich is the only Republican candidate who would be able to defeat her.  In fact, a recent poll has showed that were they to run against each other, Kasich would defeat Clinton by eleven points!

Kasich first served in the Ohio legislature, being the youngest so elected. He served 18 years in the U.S. House of Representatives, on the Armed Services Committee during that whole period. He also served as the Chairman of the House Budget Committee, leading the effort to balance the budget for the first time since 1969 and helped enact historic welfare reform. In addition, he has won two Ohio gubernatorial elections, the last by a landslide. No Republican has ever won the presidency without winning Ohio, a key swing state.

As governor, he closed an $8 billion shortfall without raising taxes, and even lowered taxes by $800 million. With our national debt at $200,000 per citizen, something that is pressing down on our economy even though it is invisible, Governor John Kasich is the gentleman who can and will bring fiscal sanity to Washington, D.C. He will not raise taxes; rather he will lower them and cut regulations that hamper businesses, charities, individuals and our whole country.

Kasich has been described as straightforward, optimistic and energetic. He is 63 and fit in mind, body and spirit. I read one of his books, Every Other Monday, and his honesty and character simply shined. I am proud to support such a worthy candidate, especially since these are such troubled times.

Experience matters. Being serious matters. And not least of all, character matters. Governor John Kasich of Ohio is simply the best candidate—fiscally, in his political track record and many other characteristics.  Not only can he win both the nomination and the general election, he can and will govern in a superb manner—reminding me of that great President Ronald Reagan.

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