Thoughts on the Middle East and Eastern Europe

I’ve spent a lot of my free time reviewing the Middle East chapter in Henry Kissinger’s book World Order. And I’ve realized that the two spots in the world that are most at risk are the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Henry Kissinger states himself that the Middle East is very complicated both within itself and geopolitically, and I agree. Russia continues to threaten Eastern Europe mainly through the ego and aggressive nature of “President” Putin.

People around the world, including myself, need to improve and work toward wisdom and positive values.

The Middle Eastern radical Muslims have no right or excuse for their outrageous acts—particularly toward women and children. Can the radical Muslims improve, and Putin, too?

The road to peace in the Middle East, as articulated by Prime Minister Lee of Singapore, is to formulate a non-Muslim alliance to back the peaceful Muslims, who in turn would then root out the radical Muslims. As Lee stated, this would not be a quick solution, but of a long-term nature. In the meantime, it is incumbent on the United States to assure that Iran doesn’t get nuclear weapons capabilities.

As far as Russia is concerned, we must use economic sanctions to the utmost, possibly military sanctions, and what is needed to protect Ukraine. Here, it is best to take the advice of Senator John McCain and all our military experts.

Ukraine is a sovereign nation and should not fall into the tyranny of Putin, partly because if it does, he will not stop there. Putin is a murderer and cannot be trusted. He’s dangerous to the world order, but especially to the Eastern European order.

We need a containment policy for Putin. Hopefully and prayerfully, it could be non-violent, using diplomacy, sanctions, and protests, but if worse comes to worst, military strength to stop the tide of Putin’s aggression may be necessary. However, this is a last resort, and we should exhaust all other possibilities before going this route.

Love for oneself, others, and God must dominate our peaceful lives. Gandhi stated, “Violence begets violence.” I fully agree. But I also say that kindness begets kindness.

Love is basic, to within, to without, and to and from God.

Radical Islam is based on the “sword” of hate because the person doesn’t “believe” as that Muslim.

But I deeply believe it is what you say and do that counts with God. So killing, raping, or otherwise abusing people who don’t accept the Muslim faith—Sunni or Shia—is simply not in God’s plan.

Our values support our actions, and our spiritual beliefs support our values and our actions.

I don’t believe God Almighty has a big ego. What He/She wants is for us to do the right things. That would be motivated by love, love within, love without, and God’s enduring, steadfast love.

Love is kind—it says so in the Bible. And love is so much more.

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