Prosperity and World Order

Kissinger entitled his book World Order, and immediately the book addresses the nonexistence of a real world order. After reading/reviewing/analyzing his book about five and a half times, I agree. I also agree with Kissinger about the desperate need for a world order in our society today.

We have been operating under a system that was devised after the Thirty Years War, which has broken down multiple times. As a result, sovereign nations have ruled from within by any means possible.

This system needs to be fixed. The way to do this is to move away from military balance and power, and instead move towards engendering business, sound banks, loving, spiritual entities, charities, and charitable foundations – striving for prosperity worldwide along with free, fair trade and free enterprise will move us toward world order.

Moving from the current non-world order to stable, robust, prosperous democracies in a non-violent way must involve a de-escalation of arms, especially in North Korea and Iran. Many will argue, “How does the world de-escalate globally while avoiding war?” Look to Gandhi’s non-violent methods as well as President Reagan’s tact.

No matter what, the United States direly needs to improve its economic situation. We desperately need a pro-business, nation-wide federal government, as we now have in thirty states guided by Republican governors.

President Reagan wanted to lower debt, but he was faced with a tax-and-spend Democratic Congress. He managed to lower taxes, but spending created a deficit. His deficit, however, was nothing like the one that President Obama has caused.

I disagree with the anti-American, anti-colonial thinking of President Obama. He has harmed us with onerous laws, regulations, and wrongful use of the Executive Branch, including the use of the IRS to win re-election.

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