The Pursuit of Knowledge and Wisdom

In my travels, I see all these people passing by. How many of them are consciously seeking wisdom?

I’ve been thinking of how to organize my review for Kissinger’s World Order, specifically his chapter on the Middle East. I’ve also put some thought into how he wrote so much in the way of communication, data, and worldwide spreading of news through the Internet and how it is so readily available to us. He wonders if wisdom is being developed to its full extent, as do I.

Having data and knowledge at one’s fingertips, on a cell phone or computer, is not the same as having it in one’s head, analyzing it and thinking about it, perhaps over a significant period of time.

I believe that a lot of formal learning is forgotten. But that does not mean it’s unimportant. Learning to master a body of facts in itself can lend one the confidence, motivation, and determination to learn and master new things one encounters.

Mastering knowledge does not only mean memorizing it; it means deciding what part, if any, is important and how important it is. It may even mean combining old and new, or mixing knowledge.

The pursuit of knowledge and wisdom is imperative to achieve a Heaven on Earth, and I don’t believe that it is too late for this kind of learning to be brought back.