Spiritual Path Towards a World Order

In September, while at the spa in Chicago, I finished my handwritten review, analysis, and commentary on quotes directly from Henry Kissinger’s World Order, “Chapter 9.” I also went through his “Conclusion” for the sixth time, attempting to perform the same analysis and review.

I want my life to count. After going over Henry Kissinger’s book so much and following his striking career, I am certain that he wants his life to count, too.

I hope and pray that the book, World Order, will lead the way toward a Heaven on Earth during my lifetime.

Life is full of ups and downs, twists and turns. I don’t know why, but I do have great faith that there is some reason to it all—ordained by God.

I deeply believe that each of us and all of us are children of God, and are made up of mind, body, and a “little piece of God.” Thus, God loves us with an enduring, steadfast love.

Why did God create some of us to do such disastrous things? My pastor told me it was because he/she did not want to be alone.

World order is something that God has in store for us, someday, somehow. We can’t perceive all the steps to that goal, but I believe that our behavior must be governed by Copthorne MacDonald’s wisdom-associated values while shunning his negative values—all while working to develop a faith that supports all of the above.

Spiritual entities can and do help in this process. But too many religions stress beliefs over behavior first and values second.

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