The Operation’s Repressive and Liberating Possibilities

The reality of life is full of surprises. I really thought getting The Bipolar Millionaire finally in print would draw the press’s attention to how invasive a force such as a secret organization (with the government coupled with private entities) could pervade a person’s life—with long-term benevolent ends, but short-term “mistakes.”

I would like to quote Henry Kissinger as he writes on page 356 in his book, World Order, published by Penguin Press in 2014, “The proliferation of ubiquitous sensors tracking and analyzing individuals, recording and transmitting their every experience (in some cases now, essentially from birth), and (at the forefront of commuting) anticipating their thoughts opens up repressive as well as liberating possibilities.” I believe the force that I called The Operation has been tracking me since 1998 and generally were more concerned with their aims than mine during a large part of this period.

The Operation was overall benevolent, but the hardest part for me was the lack of a wife—the love of my life, which I believe The Operation prevented me from finding. Although The Operation has allowed me to meet a wonderful woman now, for many years their interference was difficult to understand and disheartening to live through.

Life is not within our control, although we should do everything we can, in a positive way, to achieve our goals. With The Operation, I had a focused organization that took me, in the long-term, to a healthy state, spiritually sooner, and with some force within the Republican Party.

God is Love. We must express that in every way possible.