The Complicated Path Towards Love

We are in the innovation age, and that requires imagination and creativity in just about all human endeavors, including government and religion. We each have a role(s) to play in life. Let us make it an admirable and worthwhile part in life’s tapestry.

One of the things we can—and do—pray for is love, romantic love. Lasting and happy relationships are something I’ve seen many times, but we so often see couples that are unhappy and couples that inevitably split up—unfortunately.

Often, we see persons that don’t fit the stereotypical image of beauty in our society struggling to find a suitable partner. It’s as if no matter how pleasant a person is, if they aren’t seen as outwardly attractive, they aren’t given a chance. Personality, intellectual qualities, education, financial income, and net worth play a role in creating a lasting romantic relationship as well.

Romance, to me, is best illustrated not in me, but through my daughter and son-in-law. They seem, from a distance, to carry on day-to-day with a working marriage and a loving relationship between them and my two grandchildren.

Love can be complicated—at least for me. I am sad to say that I have, once again, found myself without a romantic partner.

What can we hope for in life? Love, love, love, to and from a spouse that really cares, not about such things as money—although important—but about us, who we are as we move through the ever-changing path of life.

Yes, we want romantic love, and need it, too, although so many—over half of adult Americans—cope without it, me included.