Dealing With the Uncertainties of Life

As I anxiously awaited the release of my book I dwelled on the uncertainties of life, and how dealing with them is part of the path toward wisdom.

In thinking about marriage, I can conclude that it is one of the greatest uncertainties that we can face. But taking the chance on a good, solid, loving union is worth the calculated risk of possible failure and living without the support, companionship, and intimacy of a committed spouse.

Furthermore, we must all strive to acquire wisdom from birth and learn from our own mistakes as well as the mistakes of others. The alternative is that, ultimately, humanity will self-destruct through physical and emotional damage. And in today’s day and age that can mean nuclear warfare and other means.

The good news is that wisdom can be taught, as long as we are all willing participants. Empathy and compassion, the love elements of Copthorne MacDonald’s wisdom-associated values, I think are particularly apropos for young children.

I believe each of us and all of us have a calling(s) that will inevitably change as we go through life. However, seeking to attain wisdom is the on-going calling of each and every one of us. This is an intellectual discourse, but it is also meant to go to the heart.

Think back to my comments of empathy and compassion. What does life offer?—a chance to help humankind proceed in an impassioned way toward Heaven on Earth. This is not a dream. This is a reality that I deeply believe has been pre-destined by God—Almighty God. By that I mean the hero, “little piece of God,” within all of us has that same pre-determined destiny.

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