Voting with Wisdom

This year—2014—and 2016, are crucial to Americans, our people, and the world, as we need to elect Republicans at all levels along the path to Heaven on Earth.  This is my vision on the most propitious way to proceed.  Peace and security, freedom, democracies, prosperity and health, as well as moral purpose and meaning, are at stake.  Why do I write that?  Republicans are better at providing good government and fiscal responsibility, as well as prosperity.  Strength in a President like Scott Walker can translate into wonderful “dividends” domestically and globally.  Now I didn’t name all ten elements, but I could have.

Look at what President Reagan did, invoking a 25-year period of prosperity with much of it spiraling to other areas of the world.  And his powerful persuasion allowed the Cold War to end without a shot being fired, freeing millions.  I believe Governor Scott Walker has the character and personality to emulate his and my hero—President Reagan.

President Obama has been very “lucky” with our economy in his second term due to:

·        Oil and gas discoveries and related jobs

·        Thirty Republican governors with a lot of Republican legislators who have instituted sound, conservative, Republican fiscal policies, also leading to jobs, not to mention enhancement in their state’s educational systems

Of course, President Obama can’t take valid credit for either of these two positive developments.  Instead, he has been dismantling our healthcare system, continuing to increase our national debt, ignoring the unsustainable nature of our entitlements, doing nothing to reform our bloated federal government, and doing nothing to lower and simplify our tax system and regulations.  He has demonized Republicans rather than working with them to a wise and fair immigration solution.

There are limits as to what a president can and should do.  The President’s use of the IRS to win the 2012 election is worse than anything that President Nixon did, and he was forced to resign in disgrace.

All American voters as citizens have a responsibility to seek the truth.  It’s simply a good personal habit to cultivate, regardless of politics.  Seeking wisdom and truth helps us elect wise, capable, and honest leaders who, in turn, allow us to journey toward that ultimate destiny, Heaven on Earth.

I believe the key to heaven on earth can be found partly in Republican victories in 2014 and 2016.  Good government and fiscally sound policies can and will do wonders for our nation, its people and the world.  It really is a matter of all ten elements of Heaven on Earth.  It can happen.  It must happen.

Prosperity can and will benefit everyone – men, women and children.  But we must avoid two of the negative values of envy and greed.  Being grateful for adequate means tends to allow satisfaction, peace, and harmony.

We each have a vital role in this trek.  Let’s do our best not to overemphasize our own personal immediate horizon, but employ The Golden Rule in our voting and thinking – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

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