An Important Election in Louisiana

I recently attended an event at the Audubon Tea Room honoring Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy, M. D. and his race for the Senate against the incumbent, Senator Mary Landrieu, a Democrat.  It is absolutely crucial for the nation and its people, and really the entire world, for Republicans to win in 2014 and 2016 at all levels.

The pendulum has swung far, far, far too much toward the liberal side, and Senator Landrieu has voted with President Obama’s side 97% of the time.  Her vote simply hasn’t reflected the views of Louisiana’s people.

Congressman Cassidy, M. D., has worked as a doctor in the charity system, gone to Africa with his wife, who is also a physician, and attended to the medical needs of the people there.  He understands healthcare, especially for the middle class and poor.

In the House of Representatives he has fought against Obamacare.  Senator Landrieu cast a key vote that allowed it to happen.

I hope that in the fall that there is a Louisiana Senatorial debate.  Senator Landrieu has the advantage of being an incumbent, and we saw how important that can be with President Obama’s re-election.

So, Republicans, all the voters of our state, must take this election quite seriously.  A Republican victory is necessary to give our citizens a Senator who understands healthcare and is not beholding to President Obama.

I’ve been told that Senator Landrieu has won each of her three Senatorial races by only 52 percent of the Louisiana vote.  So, we can win.  We must win!

It is time for a “revolution” against this third-world President.  By “revolution” I mean a realization that our stable, robust democracy must be revived with a very healthy dose of Republicans at all levels to allow our free enterprise system to be revived as President Reagan did, leading to a 25-year period of prosperity initiated by the greatest President in my lifetime.

Our country is in dire need of true public servants like Bill Cassidy.  Why do I say that?  I deeply believe that the Republican Party reflects good government and fiscal responsibility.

In November, 2014, Louisiana voters must decide between Senator Landrieu, a liberal Obama voter, and Congressman Cassidy, M. D., a conscientious, capable, and honest public servant who is in touch with the citizens of Louisiana and votes accordingly.

We must, as a nation, face reality about a lot of things, including the lack of jobs, our national debt and entitlements, the anti-business climate, as well as the regulations and laws of the Obama Administration (including Obamacare that was and is opposed by Congressman Cassidy, M. D.).

The citizens of Louisiana deserve better than Senator Landrieu has provided and will provide.  On the other hand, as Senator, Bill Cassidy will lead as well as follow.  He will use his expertise to lead and at the same time follow the well-conceived moderate and conservative views of Louisiana citizens.

The path to a Heaven on Earth must, in my vision, turn in the direction of Republican leadership like the domestic and world economy and Cold War turned with President Reagan’s leadership.

And leadership is the right word and Congressman Cassidy is that type of leader.

America fought in World War II against non-democratic genocide invoking foes.  That should never, never happen again.  But it takes the strength of someone like Bill Cassidy and Scott Walker to maneuver us through the treacherous waters ahead.  We can!  We must!

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