Government Intervention is NOT the Solution to Poverty

I’ve now read two books that say that government cannot solve people’s poverty.  The poverty I am writing about is that of people existing on $2 or less per day; although comparative poverty above that desperate state is also immune to government “solutions.” There is a huge opportunity in learning how to provide useful products to this huge market 2.8 billion strong.   But it can be done, and can even be profitable.

People existing on $2 per day or less require special attention to arrive at a product that is affordable, such as the treadmill pump, which can pay back three times its cost within a year to rural farmers in India and Africa.

Providing healthy water to rural areas of India, Africa and the poor American populations is a challenge being met partially by spring water.  But many other opportunities to help this population abound.  It will take extremely dedicated, hard-working and visionary business persons to conquer poverty in the world.  But it can be done.  I sincerely believe that and, I believe, that it is the only way it can be done.

We all have a part in this worldwide march toward Heaven on Earth.  While government won’t provide the solutions, its members must be free of corruption, and be wise, honest, capable and efficient.  Governments can stand in the way of conquering poverty; or they can –through wisdom, honesty and capability—help to engender private enterprise to conquer extreme poverty.

We can and we must look to private enterprise as the primary route to a prosperous world, one in which the $2 or less a day customers rise into a more and more prosperous state.

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