There are good habits and bad habits and all of them can be changed.  To break bad habits such as alcohol or drug addiction, overeating and so forth is not easy, but it is possible, “,,, for God all things are possible.”  And, “God is Love.”  Also, He loves with an enduring, steadfast love, so He wants us to improve, and over time or over-night change old bad habits to good ones.

The future is all we have ahead of us.  Delayed gratification really makes sense if one is seeking worthwhile goals.  Life is full of worthy goals, and patience as well as persistence can pay off in enormous degrees.  Nutrition and exercise can engender a better life far beyond the body.  They affect that threesome of mind, body and little piece of God as well as all sorts of relationships.

Our country must unite and everyone, including President Obama, must realize that our nation created the world’s largest economy with capitalism tempered by democracy and free, fair trade.  Opportunity, not trickle-down government, is what made our country great, and as President Reagan said, “America is the hope of the World.”

We must preserve the good aspects of the United States and innovate to allow us to attain a solution to our enormous challenges:  our national debt of $16 trillion; about $120 trillion of entitlement liabilities; our archaic, backward and completely non-simple, non-understandable tax system; our far too complex and pervasive laws and regulations; and bloated federal government.

I haven’t given up, although the political scientists won the election.  I believe truth will win out and that my vision for America is much closer to the truth than whatever is in President Obama’s mind.

I’ve been told that President Obama’s actions and those of his administration during the Libyan attack could turn into a Watergate.  He might deserve it but the reality is that the country can’t endure such an event now and the liberal mainstream press probably wouldn’t let it happen anyway.

Why can’t it happen?  We are at risk of a worldwide depression and everyone in our country needs to unite to prevent it.  We need to unite behind capitalism tempered by democracy and free, fair trade.  We can and we must.

Freedom, democracies, prosperity, peace and security all depend on our taking stock of our nation’s financial state.  The role of government over the individual or businesses ought to be minimalistic in order to maximize the productivity of people, in and out of businesses.  Government does not know best; the best emerges when free individuals and businesses act in an ethical, lawful manner and, at the same time innovate.

The time for a flat tax is now!  A flat tax is now used in about twenty-seven countries and more are considering it.  It can be a game-changer along with simpler, understandable effective laws and regulations. These innovations in government, while difficult politically, are awesome in their potential for letting us out of the current fiscal mess, the mess of government reaction to special interests and the reelection cycles.

Whatever we do as a nation, we must be kind to our people.  There may be a tough love requirement for the good of our own people, but we must unite as a people recognizing the risks of a depression which hurt the poor and middle class the most.

Everything from obesity to smoking must be addressed in this Innovation Age.  We can and we must.  It is truly a matter of motivation

John E. Wade II, November 24, 2012