The Innovation Age

I have written that I believe we are in the Innovation Age.  Governor Romney is ideally suited to lead us at this time as demonstrated by his deep business and academic credentials as well as his business, investment and government experience.  I was particularly impressed by the chapter he wrote in No Apology:  “A Free and Productive Economy” (See my review of that book).

The private sector in America is full of risk-takers who will improve the old and invent the new.  But our government must make regulations, taxes and laws attractive to businesses of all sizes—exactly the opposite of the status quo with President Obama.

We must innovate in government in a kind, firm and effective manner.  Public unions must not control improvements in our schools, colleges and all levels of government.

We must enhance our immigration laws, especially to lure talented scientists, engineers, business persons and others who will fill jobs that can’t be filled now and to create more jobs at all levels.

Governor Romney explains how studying something in depth—such as advanced degrees in math, science or medicine—leads to people who are more apt to discover important advances.

We must innovate in government, technology, business, education, psychology, and all other areas of human endeavor, even religions if we are to attain spiritual harmony.

We must go beyond the status quo with President Obama and reach for a Heaven on Earth with Governor Romney and a host of Republicans at all levels.

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