Scott Walker Can be Our Next “President Reagan”

As I’ve recently written, I read Henry Kissinger’s fine book, “World Order.”  It’s well-written and certainly worth careful reading and consideration.  But I do have one major problem with it – a book called “World Order” with practically little mentioned about globalization, business, taxation, regulations – so much of which directly affects – for good or bad – prosperity.  And prosperity is one of the key elements of a Heaven on Earth.

Kissinger says about President Reagan “rarely has America produced a President so suited to his time . . . ““. . . Reagan combined America’s latent, sometimes seemingly discordant strengths:  its idealism, its resilience, its creativity, and its economic vitality.”

We need the courageous leadership of Governor Scott Walker to invoke those same superb qualities in our nation.  He can.  He will.  It’s up to the American people to realize the opportunities of having a strong pro-business President like Scott Walker reviving our country, following President Obama and his fellow Democrats’ dismal performance.

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